A day on the ocean is just what just what the doctor order as part of his relaxation prescription.  The transfer arrived at the Fairmont Mayakoba around 8:30 and we were off  two families 4 adults and 4 kids on an adventure to In-Ha Reef aboard the La Consentida a 42 foot Sea Ray part of the Riviera Elite fleet of boats..

Arriving at the Puerto Adventuras we met the captain and crew of three who began to explain about the adventure we were embarking on, they showed us around the boat and the kids fell in love with the ability to pretend to sleep in the main cabin.

With our iphone 7 connected to the boats sounds system the crew threw off the lines and we set sail for In Ha Reef.  As we reached the Gulf of Mexico, about a 10 minute ride from the harbor, the crew pulled out a few fishing poles and rigged them for trolling on our forty minute cruise out to the reef.  For Troy and I this was an unexpected and welcome surprise as we’d hoped to get in a little fishing while on vacation but end up opting for swimming with dolphins at Delphinus instead.

Heading out in the open ocean, the music cranked up and the wind whipping, the kiddos we’re in there glory climbing up to the flying bridge and the captain was great letting each one steer for a bit, which turned out to be the highlight of the day for my little one.

As we approached In Ha reef there were at least a dozen boats anchored with 20 to 30 people per boat in the water snorkeling around.  My first thought was one of the kids getting their masked kicked off by a stranger.  As the crew anchored us up, we put on our gear, grabbed the Go Pro Hero 5 and jumped into the brilliant blue water.

I was first in and was immediately greeted by three sting rays each about 3 feet wide along with a multitude of colorful fish.  For the long time scuba diver like myself i immediately felt a home among the marine life. For may 8 and 5 year old, who have only snorkeled in the YMCA pool (coming soon the ymca training video) this was a bit of a shock, but they quickly got lost in the color and life undersea.  My wife, a novice diver, was next in along with our family friends and our reef guide and his bag of fish food.

As we made our way to the edge of the reef the sea was teaming with life, but as I expected the reef it self was in pretty rough shape.  I had done a couple dives years before about 40 miles north of In Ha and found that the reef itself was “dead”.  Here to at In Ha it is struggling to survive with limited coral and plant life.  Still though the marine life was fantastic, fish and rays everywhere.

After about thirty minutes the little ones began to fatigue from the swim and decided to take a break, float on the surface with their masks.  Not a good idea for pool kids who aren’t used to the high concentration of salt in the water.  There eyes began to sting almost on contact.  And that was the end of the swim for them and me as I towed them back to the boat.

While we were immersed in nature, the crew was busy aboard the La Consentida preparing feast of homemade ceviche and guacamole for us to enjoy after our swim.  A welcome sight for me after towing back the little ones.  After a quick eye rinse for the kiddos we headed to the bow to enjoy the ceviche, guacamole and chips along with a few cold Tecate cervezas.

Soon after the ceviche feast, we pulled up anchor and head back to Puerto Adventuras dropping a couple lines in the water on on the way to see if we could catch anything.

To the Riviera Elite team kuddos for a job well done.  The La Consentida was impeccable and the crew was amazing.  Most importantly the time spent with family away from video games, ipads and tv was fantastic.