His love for sports is only trumped by his love his children and their success comes first.   As father I appreciate that whole heartedly.  If I’m a GM of the Celtics, Lakers or Sixers would I take Lonzo Ball with my first pick.  Probably not, he’s got all the talent in the world, certainly the confiction to achieve everything he deserves but Celtics please don’t take Lonzon #1.  Here’s why it’s his father, Mr. Big Baller Brand himself LaVar Ball.

He brings a circus wherever he goes, which is both good and bad for the team.  Good in that it creates buzz, sells tickets and merchandise.  Bad because Mr. Big Baller will put unneeded strain on any of the three young teams.  Questions like what do you think about a $495 pair of sneakers?  Why should anyone of the teams have to deal with this, regardless of how freakishly talented his Lonzo.

Now Mr. Big Baller is saying Lonzo deserves a billion dollar endorsement contract.  Come on, he’s never set foot on an NBA court with NBA caliber players in an NBA game.  Let him prove himself first, take $20 million heck $50 million for a deal that likely won’t include sneakers.  After all they’ve already sold four to five hundred pairs according to an interview LaVar Ball did on the The Herd, Colin Cowherd’s show on FS1, they’re going to catch up to Phil Knight soon.  Right?

Coaching a team of millionaires is hard enough without outside forces creating constant and unwanted distractions and when you draft Lonzo you draft the Big Baller Brand.  It’s already started, as Lonzo will apparently only work out for his home town team the Lakers, where he can start day one, and play his natural position of point guard.  Hell, LaVar all but guaranteed the Lakers will make the playoffs with this quote “The Lakers make the playoffs as soon as my boy gets there,” Ball said.

All of the above said, I believe LaVar has done a great job helping to raise his boy, keeping him on the right path, and instilling the qualities of work ethic, drive and determination in him and I take my hat off to him for this.  As a business man and father I admire LaVar’s grit and tenacity, heck if everyone had his hustle this country would be “Great Again”.