Check this one off the bucket list!  The wife and I have always wanted to swim with a dolphin since our honeymoon in Curacao, where  we went diving with a sea lion.  If you’re thinking about swimming with the dolphins and your in the Mayan Riviera, Delphinus in Puerto Morelos is the place to do it.

Let’s start our story with the pricing, as I said earlier this is a bucket list item checked off, it wasn’t cheap, a family of four was about $700 for the in water experience we choose, there are multiple pricing tiers depending on you budget and what you want to do with the dolphins.  The pricing also included round trip shared transportation from our resort the Fairmont Mayakoba.  We’ll get to the photo and video packages later on in the post, lets just say when the first person you meet is your personal photographer, you’re in for sticker shock.

We choose the Primax four package which is a private group offering for a maximum of four people, and it was perfect for our family.  The package included about 16 activities with the dolphin and trainer including our favorite the foot push.  The foot push is exactly how the name describes, you swim out into the middle of the enclosed harbor facing away from the dolphins, lock you legs at the knees and two dolphins, one on each foot push you by placing their noses on the bottom of you feet.  The faster they go, the more you rise out of the water.  For a visual, think Rose and Jack on the front of the Titanic shouting I’m the king of the world.

After being fitted for life jackets we were taken our to the enclosed harbor to meet our trainer and dolphin named Seik, a 12 year old male dolphin.  After being a bit standoffish, the kids fell in love with Seik, asking all sorts of questions, like how many teeth do they have?  For the record they have between 80 and 100, and they only get one set.  Or why is his dorsal fin (the one on the top of the mammal) chipped and cut?  The dorsal fin is a unique identifier for the dolphin like a finger print for us humans.

Upon entering the oval enclosed training area there was a dock to walk out on where we spent about 5 minutes getting comfortable with Seik as he did with us.  The interactive experience allow us to sing, dance, hug, kiss and have several other interactions while learning a lot about dolphins, which was great for our kids as there are big nature/animal fans thanks to Wild Kratts, a PBS Kids show about two bothers who transform into animals.  One of the few kids shows I can actually watch from beginning to end.

About half way through our 45 minutes with Seik we were able to swim out in the oval enclosure and swim with him as we swam between the four of us,  around us in circles, and jumped over us.  This was a truly amazing time and one that our family will remember for a lifetime.

Once our time was Seik was done, we were taken to see all the great photos and videos taken of our adventure.  Again a first rate interaction with the staff at Delphinus.  There was a bit of sticker shock when it came to purchasing the photo and video package, but when the first person you meet is your personal photographer you should expect a hefty number for your memories.  As you can tell from the video they were well worth it.

Thank you Delphinus for help us to check this off our bucket list.