Ok, lets get right to it, Lebron James isn’t a fan of super teams.  Hold on did I really just write this?  Wait, did he have the audacity to actually say this?

You bet he said it.  After getting his jock handed to him in a 4 games to 1 series loss to the World Champion Golden State Warriors, Lebroan “King” James actually said he’s not a fan of the super team.

Lets review, July 8th, 2010, King James sits down with ESPN for “the decision” a televised special to announce  to Jim Grey and the world that he was “taking his talents to South Beach”.  At the time, who would blame him, he couldn’t get over the hump getting to the conference finals and losing, getting the NBA Finals and losing.  Sure go ahead, pack your crap, leave everything you’ve built in your home city and live the life down in South Beach.  If I had his skills, and his ability, I would want to take my talents out of Attleboro MA to a warmer climates in an effort to win championships.

But wait, there’s more to the story.  He created the first super team.  Hey, I’m a Celtics fan born into it, as the Chowdaheadz shirt reads, so I watched the rise of the Celtics in the original BIG 3 of Bird, Parrish and Mchale.  The resurrection of the “new BIG 3” in Pierce, Garnett, and Allen, and I wouldn’t call them a super team.  Great teams absolutely, but not a super team.  I see a super team as players who work to together behind the scenes in an effort to end up in one place…see James, Wade and Bosh along with the aforementioned Allen a couple years later.  They flat out negotiated behind their teams backs to end up all playing in Miami.  Again, I have no problem with this.  If ownership wants to pay them, the players want to play there and the fans get a great show, I’m all for it.

Fast forward to last night’s post game presser by the King.  When asked if he was a fan of the super team concept he flat our said “I don’t believe I’ve play for a super team…and I’m not a fan of them…”  HE INVENTED THE CONCEPT.  For those who don’t remember see the video at the top of this post.  “Not 1, Not 2, Not 3…”  You all know the story.  Lebron built the FIRST super team with his buddies D Wade and Chris Bosh.  They were the Turtle and Eric to Lebron’s Vince.  Pardon the Entourage reference but it fits here.

Now that he’s been soundly beaten by his own creation, Lebron isn’t a fan of the concept nor has he ever participated in a super team, give me a break.  Lebron, be a man!  Admit that Steph Curry, KD and the Golden State Warriors beat you at your own game.  Yes, they are a super team built to beat you and only you.  Live with Lebron, or take your talents out of Cleveland to a place where players want to come join you.

Congratulations the the Golden State Warriors, 2017 NBA Champions.